We are extremely busy in our emergency department so please use our services wisely.  In emergency and life-threatening cases continue to come forward as normal or call 999. 

However, if you are unsure about where to go, please call NHS 111 before coming to our emergency department who can best advise you on your next step.

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Ward visiting times and contacts

From Monday, 16 May, the majority of patients at West Suffolk Hospital, Newmarket Community Hospital and the Kings Suite at Glastonbury Court will be able to receive up to two visitors at the same time.

Visitors will be able to visit loved-ones between the hours of 2pm and 8pm in the majority of wards. This can be any two people and can change throughout the visiting time, but only two visitors at a patient’s bedside are permitted at any one time.


Covid-19 wards

There are some exceptions to the new visiting changes. For example, if a patient is being nursed in a Covid-19 ward, they will be allowed one visitor for one hour at a time, twice a day. If this is the case, the ward must be contacted ahead of any visit and ward numbers can be viewed at the bottom of this page.


Local arrangements

Some areas of the Trust have extended visiting and local arrangements to reflect the nature of the patient group and these include the intensive therapy unit (ITU), neonatal ward and maternity services. Again, visitors are asked to telephone the ward their loved-one is staying on before to confirm arrangements ahead of time.


Surgical face masks

From Thursday 11 May 2023, anyone coming into West Suffolk and Newmarket hospitals will no longer be required to wear a mask, except in areas where our most vulnerable patients are cared for (specifically ward G1 and oncology outpatients in the West Suffolk Hospital) and areas dedicated to care of patients with acute Covid-19 infection.

However, should anyone wish to wear a mask onsite, they will remain available free of charge at the entrances to our hospital sites and in ward reception areas.

This decision has been made based on guidance from the NHSE National Infection Prevention and Control Manual and in the light of widespread vaccination, effective treatments and less virulent variants.


Clinical helpline and Keeping in Touch service

For family and friends who are unable to visit in person, the clinical helpline remains open between 10am and 6pm to provide updates on patients. This can be accessed by telephoning 01284 713155.

Our Keeping in Touch service is also available to help loved-ones keep in contact with patients via a video call – to find out more information, please click here.


Ward information

For detailed visitor information regarding our maternity services please click here.  

Ward/departmentTelephone numberFloorAdditional information
G1 (Macmillan Unit) 01284 713234  Ground  
G3 01284 712722  Ground  
G5 01284 713574  Ground  
G7 01284 713432  Ground 


G8 01284 713185  Ground 


G9 01284 713654 Ground  
G10 01284 712664 Ground  
F1 01284 713315  First  
F3 01284 713133  First  
F4  01284 713290  First  
F5  01284 713262  First  
F6  01284 713413  First  
F7 01284 712661 or 713615 First  
F8  01284 713355  First  
F9  01284 713202  First  
F10  01284 712522  First  
F12 01284 712651 First  
F14  01284 713235 or 01284 713236  First  
Maternity services    First Please see our Maternity services section for more information. 
Neonatal unit  01284 713251  First Parents of neonates admitted to the Neonatal Unit will be allowed to visit together in allocated six hour time slots either AM or PM. 
Glastonbury Court (King's Suite)   01284 713753    
Newmarket Hospital (Rosemary Ward)   01638 558483