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Patient portals

At our Trust, we offer a range of digital communications to help you have quick digital access to your hospital information.

Take more control of your treatment

Our Patient Portal helps put you in the driving seat of your hospital care, by sharing results and records with you in the most convenient way – no more waiting for letters to arrive or hanging on the phone.

You can also view and re-arrange upcoming appointments.

Currently the portal offers:

  • a secure space online to view hospital letters and documentation
  • appointment details
  • the ability to view and monitor your test results
  • a record of your procedures and your known allergies
  • links to useful healthcare information

Have you recently (from 2018) received outpatient, inpatient, day surgery or eye clinic treatment at West Suffolk Hospital? If yes, this qualifies you to apply for the West Suffolk Hospital patient portal.

The portal is available to all patients aged over 16, and gives access to information going back to February 2018.

Over the coming months, we’ll continue to add new features to make the service even more useful.

The portal is provided through a partnership with HealtheLife by Cerner, and is fully secure to keep your records confidential and safe.

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Why I use the portal

Julia, 67, lives in Sudbury and has three grown up children and a young grandchild. This is why she uses the Patient Portal:

“The Patient Portal helps me look after my and my family’s health. Fifty years ago doctors only used to share the minimum with patients, but we are no longer passive recipients of treatment.

“Back then I had some tests done but never found out the results or diagnosis. If I had been able to see the results of those quite simple tests, as I would today at our hospital through the Patient Portal, I would have known I needed to take better care of certain aspects of my health a lot earlier and I would possibly not have gone on to develop a chronic illness.

“The Patient Portal makes everything less stressful: no more waiting in telephone queues for test results, and when you see your doctor after a hospital consultation they can go straight to helping you make the best choice for you, or explaining any options you don’t understand.   

“Seeing the results of blood tests within hours on the Patient Portal is wonderful, and seeing clinic letters saves me weeks of worry waiting for a copy to arrive by snail mail. It’s the same with hospital appointments.

“If I don’t understand anything I can make an appointment to speak to a doctor at my surgery, but you quickly get to understand what is normal for you.

“With a lot of diabetes and high cholesterol in my family, this is invaluable for me and empowers me to look after myself.”


Find out more

You can find out more by taking a look at our Patient Portal frequently asked questions page. 

If you have further questions about the patient portal, please email: 

If you have any questions about the information you can see in your electronic health record, please contact our patient advice and liaison service by emailing or calling 01284 712555.


What information the Patient Portal can offer you

Click here to view a full breakdown of information you can view on the Portal.


Other digital communications we offer


If you have provided us with your mobile number you will receive a text message from us for appointment reminders and to view digital appointment letters online, you can find out more about DrDoctor here. On this portal, you will be able to change appointments. 


Orthopaedic patients can log into Amplitude which is personalised and used to help assess you before and after surgery. Questionnaires are available at key stages through your treatment. You might be asked about your condition and how you feel which helps us improve your experience and care. Your data is completely secure and will not be shared

identifiably without your permission. Once you are registered, if you choose to, you can opt out at any point via your Amplitude account or by contacting a member of the team at

The NHS App

The NHS App allows you to keep track of your vaccinations, order repeat prescriptions, manage GP appointments, get health information and advice, view your NHS Number and access your GP health record securely.

We've recently added the ability to view your hospital appointments through the app. If you're a patient at West Suffolk Hospital then you can seamlessly access all of the features that lets you manage your health and wellbeing wherever you are.

To download the NHS App please click here (Apple - Android)