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Our vision and values

Our vision is to deliver the best quality and safest care for our community

We strive to deliver this by following our core values which we developed in partnership with our patients and staff. In 2015 we undertook our largest ever consultation with staff and stakeholders to develop our strategic framework “Our patients, our hospital, our future, together”, which sets out our ambitions and our roadmap for improving the services we provide.

We use our vision, values and strategic framework to guide everything we do and set our direction of travel for the future.

Our values

Putting you first

Focused on patients

We put the needs and expectations of patients using our services first


We strive to deliver high quality care and to continuously improve and innovate through effective and collaborative teamwork


In partnership with staff, patients and the community we promote understanding and respect of each other’s role in delivering and receiving fair, kind and dignified healthcare.

Staff focussed

We aim to ensure our staff feel positively about working here and are engaged in regular training and education that develops a modern healthcare workforce.

Two-way communication

We endeavour to provide open and transparent flows of communication throughout the organisation and with our patients and other stakeholders.

Our patients, our hospital, our future, together

In 2015 we published our strategic framework following an extensive consultation with our stakeholders. It sets out three priorities and seven ambitions that we are pursuing as we seek to continuously improve the care we provide.

Our Vision, priorities and ambitions

We have also published a report that sets out how we are taking forward our ambitions which highlights areas of best practice, innovation and key achievements.

West Suffolk Alliance

Following the formation of the West Suffolk Alliance in September 2016, a new strategy - All about people and places has been drafted. The ongoing aim is for alliance partners to move from working as individual organisations towards being a fully integrated single system, with a shared vision, clear local priorities, able to both provide an improved service for people in the west of Suffolk while also tackling the sustainability issues faced by the system, together.

The alliance partners are:

  • Suffolk County Council
  • West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust
  • The Suffolk GP Federation
  • Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Working closely with the West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group.