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Car parking

The West Suffolk Hospital site has barrier controlled car parks, for use by patients, visitors and staff.

There are separate car parks for staff and the general public. These are clearly marked around the site.

The main patients/visitors car park is in front of the hospital, the first car park to the right as you enter the site.

Additional parking for patients and visitors is provided at the rear of the site in car park D. This is near the Macmillan Unit and Education Centre and is suitable for people attending the Day Surgery Unit/Eye Treatment Centre, Macmillan Unit, pathology, pharmacy, ward F1 (Rainbow) and other wards/departments as required.

Car park barriers

West Suffolk Hospital operates a number plate recognition system for all vehicles, so there are no barriers at the entrance to the site.

When entering the site, the system will log the vehicle number plate automatically. When ready to leave, visitors simply need to visit one of the pay stations on site where they will be prompted to enter their vehicle registration number. The cost of parking will then be displayed, and visitors can choose to pay by cash, card or via a free app called Glide Parking, which can be downloaded on the Apple app store or from Google Play. Find out more here

The barriers placed at the exit of the site will recognise the vehicle registration and that the parking has been paid for, and will open automatically.

Parking for family carers

Family carers who are parking on site will need to visit the car parking office at the front of the hospital to log their number plate, so that they are charged the correct fee,

For further information about parking at West Suffolk Hospital please read more

Car parking charges 

All patients/visitors, attending West Suffolk Hospital (unless they qualify for the exemptions listed below) are required to pay for parking.

Disabled visitors using Car Park A should visit the car park office to validate their free parking.

Disabled visitors using Car Park D should speak to the car park team via the intercom and follow instructions.

  • Front car park (A): Up to 20 minutes, no charge
  • Rear car parks: Up to 30 minutes, no charge
  • Up to one hour £2.20
  • Up to two hours £4.20
  • Up to three hours £6.40
  • Up to four hours £8.40
  • Up to five hours £10.60
  • Five hours and over £12.70
  • Weekly ticket (7 days) £30 
  • Macmillan day unit £5.20 
  • Family carers £3.00 per day

Pay machines can be found:

  • In the main entrance lobby
  • Near the main entrance – adjacent to the car parking office
  • In the Day Surgery Unit reception
  • Near the Macmillan Unit/rear entrance – external machine 

Concessions are available for carers, Macmillian unit patient, neo-natal families, phototherapy patients, cardiac patients, with free parking for families collecting death certificates.

Overnight parking for parents of children who are staying in hospital is free (with daytime parking at normal rates), as is parking for blue badge holders and certain frequent outpatient attenders.

All the money that the Trust makes from car parking is reinvested into our services and providing care to patients, and across a year, this car parking income is roughly equivalent to a full ward’s worth of nurses.

Disabled parking

There are a number of designated parking spaces reserved for registered disabled drivers displaying a valid blue badge permit.

Drop off points

There are drop off points where patients/visitors can be set down if they are unable to walk from the various car parks. These are located near to the rear entrance, as well as the Day Surgery Unit/Eye Treatment Centre, Renal Dialysis Unit and Macmillan Unit. There is 20 minutes leeway for anyone being dropped off at the front of the hospital and 30 minutes leeway for anyone being dropped off at the rear of the site. No charge is made provided the vehicle leaves the site within these timescales and the chip coin is deposited at the exit.

Parking charge notice system

The current car park management company operates a charge notice system for non-compliance with the Trust's car parking policy. A charge notice can be given if: a vehicle does not have a valid blue badge or recognised permit; daily ticket is not clearly displayed; failing to park in an official parking space; blocking emergency exits or emergency vehicle routes; or blocking authorised areas e.g. on hatched roadways. The current fine is £60 (reduced to £30 if paid promptly). Please note: there are no vehicle height restrictions in any of the car parks.

If the on-site car parks are full, there is a public car park at Hardwick Heath which is a short walk from the Hospital.

Contact the team

Car parking staff: 07815 154230

Facilities department: 01284 713829