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Health and wellbeing

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust takes good care of its staff, so together we can take good care of our patients.

As a healthcare organisation we have a duty to support our community’s health, but as an employer we also have a duty to support our staff.

In our five year strategy, 'Our patients, our hospital, our future, together', we made a clear and substantial commitment to make prevention of ill health a core part of everything we do. You can read more about our focus on this in our 'Protecting and improving your health and wellbeing, together' publication.

We also have a Health and Wellbeing Policy.

Ensuring our staff’s mental wellbeing also helps provide good quality patient care; a healthy and happy workforce will also ensure the best service to patients. The Trust offers staff a number of support mechanisms to help them look after their own wellbeing.

Physical wellbeing

  • Active travel
    • information on cycling and walking to work. Buying a bike tax-free, cycle parking and shower facilities
  • Shower facilities -
    • If staff want to cycle or run to work or do some exercise at lunchtime there are showers and changing facilities near the staff entrance/general office
  • Time Out restaurant
    • Our staff restaurant has won awards for its healthy, fresh, home-cooked food
  • Sports groups and staff clubs
    • Colleagues can connect with each other on social staff Facebook pages, to find a team to join, promote a club, or meet with people with similar hobbies
  • NHS health checks
    • OneLife Suffolk runs monthly clinics at Hardwick Lane and in community locations to provide NHS health checks for staff, volunteers and visitors. Call 01473 718193 to book.
  • Stop smoking support
    • You're four times more likely to quit with the help of occupational health. Staff can call 01284 713424 or visit OneLife Suffolk.
  • Weight management
    • The occupational health team can help any staff who would like to lose weight. Call 01284 713424 or visit OneLife Suffolk, which also provides free group classes.
  • Musculoskeletal problems
    • We have a specialist occupational physiotherapy service for staff who have musculoskeletal injuries, and staff can self-refer for this service. To complete a referral please click here. 

Mental wellbeing

  • Care First
    • A counselling and support service for all employees. Over the phone or online, it's completely confidential and available 24/7.
  • Tea and empathy 
    • On-call emotional support for anyone who is having a really bad day.
  • Hypnosis, relaxation and mindfulness 
  • Sports groups and staff clubs
    • Physical exercise and socialising are both great for mental wellbeing. Colleagues can connect with each other on social staff Facebook pages, to find a team to join, promote a club, or meet with people with similar hobbies.
  • Neyber
    • A debt management service for any staff who may be experiencing financial stress.
  • Liftshare 
    • Travel with a colleague, share the driving and enjoy some company on the way to work.
  • Books on prescription
    • West Suffolk Hospital library stocks self-help books on a wide range of topics including stress, worry and relationship problems.
  • Chaplaincy
  • Regardless of whether you are religious or not, the chaplaincy team provides: a listening ear in times of difficulty or crisis, whether personal or work; a space to talk about life, the purpose or the meaning of things; and pastoral counselling. If you have a faith, they can also provide support with: practicing your faith or spiritual tradition; making contact with representatives of other faith communities; and prayer support.
    • Pop into the Chapel at West Suffolk Hospital during office hours (the kettle is always on!), or phone ex. 3771, or 01284 713771 from an outside line.

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