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West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust will distinguish itself by making sustainability a part of all we do.

In partnership with patients, staff and the local community, our strategy captures the social, environmental and economic impact of our actions. 

A truly sustainable health system is defined as working within available resources, to protect and improve health, now and for future generations.  We believe that description is not just compatible with the Trust’s ambitions – first for our patients, first for our staff and to first for the future – but that it underpins them. 

The Trust Green Plan describes the action we will take.  It will evolve over time as we achieve our goals and set ourselves even more ambitious targets.  We are committed to playing a leading role in securing a healthy and sustainable Suffolk.The Executive lead for Sustainability and Net Zero is the Executive director of Resources and the programme is managed by the Net Zero Steering Group. 

You can read the Green Plan here.