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Equality and inclusion is at the heart of our continued commitment to become the very best environment for receiving healthcare.

Accessible information

If you need information, such as leaflets or letters in a different format e.g. braille or easy read, please let the receptionist know when you come for your appointment.

You can also contact our patient advice liaison service (PALS):

Telephone: 01284 712555


Do you need an interpreter?

We recognise that some people do not have a friend or relative that is able to interpret for them when visiting the hospital, so we can offer support by providing a professional, accurate and confidential translator either via telephone or in person.

If you or someone you know requires the assistance of a translator, please contact PALS: 01284 712555.

Some examples of the services provided include:

  • British sign language
  • lip-speaking
  • telephone interpreting
  • face to face interpreting
  • written translations such as braille

Disabled access

If you require assistance when visiting the hospital, please call our switchboard to arrange assistance in advance: 01284 713000 

To view all of our information regarding disabled access to our hospital, please visit AccessAble

Hospital passports

The Health Passport

The Health Passport is for patients with learning disabilities or autism to fill in and use when they come into the West Suffolk Hospital. It tells staff all the important things about a patient’s needs.

It includes information on how the person likes to communicate, any medication they are on and how it is taken, likes and dislikes, sleeping preferences, getting around, information on help required with eating, drinking, washing and dressing and other important things about the person’s health.

Download the Health Passport for patients with Learning Disabilities / Autism here

Disability Focus

The principal objective of Disability Focus is to enable disabled people to raise their concerns and issues and make their voices heard, and for those in statutory organisations to listen to those voices and take note of their concerns and issues. Find out more information about the about me health passport

Download the Disability Focus passport here