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Our digital strategy

In 2022, we refreshed our Digital strategy building on the work previously undertaken that led to recognition of the Trust as a Global Digital Exemplar.

The strategy aligns with the Trust strategy of First for patients, first for staff and first for the future with digital ambitions connected to these objectives. It also emphasises the importance of the wide range of people impacted by digital with its ambition of “putting people at the heart of technology”.

It acknowledges the drive to further develop digital solutions but not exclusively. We recognise that there will many ways to access services that the Trust offers hence the approach of “digital first but not digital only”.

The Trust digital strategy is closely aligned to and supported by the Future System Digital Strategy that outlines more of the wide range of technologies that will be required to support the new healthcare facility.

Please read our digital strategy and if you have any comments or suggestions, please contact our chief information officer at