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The pharmacy department provides an integrated pharmaceutical service to West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, and other outlying units.

Services provided

The dispensing of outpatient and inpatient prescriptions is under the control of technicians with legal supervision from the pharmacist. The technicians are trained in other aspects of clinical pharmacy including patient counselling, drug history taking and clinical interventions. These suitably trained technicians will assist pharmacists working on the ward to fulfil their clinical role. 

Patients are encouraged to bring all their medication from home that will be stored in a secure bedside locker, to ensure there is no break in treatment on admission. Any medication needed will be dispensed ready for discharge to improve efficiency.

Contact the team

Dispensary: 01284 713232

Medicines information: 01284 713109

Production office: 01284 713788

Store keeper: 01284 713540

Pharmacy office: 01284 713233

Simon Whitworth, head of department: 01284 713230

Pharmacy opening times

Monday, 8.35am - 6.30pm

Tuesday, 8.35am - 6.30pm

Wednesday, 8.35am - 6.30pm

Thursday, 8.45am - 6.30pm 

Friday, 8.35am - 6.30pm

Saturday, 9.00am - 4.30pm 

Sunday, 9.00am - 4.30pm 

Bank holidays, 9.00am - 4.30pm  


The pharmacy is situated on the ground floor, adjacent to the rear entrance of the hospital, where all services for wards, outside hospitals, clinics and outpatient dispensing are based.

Patient information