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Your first 12 weeks

Your baby grows faster than at any other time in the first 12 weeks. The fertilised egg implants in the womb and divides rapidly into layers of cells.

‘Morning’ sickness is common at this stage, and may occur at any time of day. You may also experience breast tenderness, tiredness, mood swings and changes in your reaction to certain smells and foods along with a metallic taste in your mouth.

During this time you may experience some mild ‘spotting’ or ‘implantation bleeding’, which is usually nothing to worry about.

Some women experience no obvious signs or symptoms of pregnancy and this is nothing to worry about – everyone is different. Symptoms can also come and go on a daily basis, and this is perfectly normal.

Symptoms can also come and go on a daily basis, and this is perfectly normal.You won’t feel your baby moving at this stage, nor will you have an obvious ‘baby bump’. The first movements are normally felt between weeks 16 and 24.

You will have your first appointment with your midwife towards the end of this trimester, and your first scan should be offered between 11 and 13 weeks. You will also be offered some blood tests, which your midwife will explain to you in full.