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Antenatal appointment plan

If your pregnancy is straight forward, these are the appointments you should expect to have. Certain medical or pregnancy needs may result in you needing more appointments than this.

Appointments will be normally be with a midwife, GP or obstetrician. The appointments at 25, 31 and 40 weeks are extra appointments for women having their first baby.

What you can expect

Booking appointment (8-12 weeks)

Your midwife will:

  • measure your height and weight
  • check your blood pressure and urine
  • offer you some blood tests (see page 16 for more information) and discuss screening tests in pregnancy
  • ask you about your medical, mental health and personal social circumstances
  • ask about any previous pregnancies you have had• ask about the medical and personal social circumstances of the fatherof the baby
  • discuss how you are feeling and see if you need any additional support
  • plan your pregnancy care with you
  • give you information about your care and health and answer any questions you may have.

Dating scan (11-14 weeks)

  • tell you exactly how many weeks pregnant you are, and work out your estimated date of delivery
  • check your baby is growing healthily and in the right place in the womb
  • take a specific measurement to screen for chromosomal syndromes (such as Down’s syndrome), if you have consented to be tested for this as part of combined screening.



16 weeks



Your care provider will:

  • check your blood pressure and urine
  • discuss local antenatal classes with you
  • review, record and discuss the results of any tests you may have had
  • discuss your baby’s movements and bonding with your baby.
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