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Gynaecology oncology:

Our aim is to diagnose or rule out gynecological cancers (womb, cervical, ovarian, vulval, vaginal, peritoneal) as quickly as possible, so that the treatment can be initiated in the shortest possible time.

Our team makes sure that we communicate with the patients and families appropriately and sensitively, providing them support and respect their wishes at the same time.



We are located within the antenatal and gynecology clinic area on the first floor of the hospital. Gynecology scans are provided in the same area. Patients may need to go to pathology lab for blood tests on the ground floor and to the radiology department for further imaging as required.


Services provided:

Rapid Access clinics:

We also offer a consultant delivered clinic. Investigations and biopsies are often performed if needed at these appointments.

We may be seeing you in this clinic because of:

  • Abnormal bleeding – postmenopausal bleeding; bleeding between your periods
  • Vaginal or vulval lumps or ulcers
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Abdominal distension
  • Any other worrying symptoms that may mean a cancer is suspected


You maybe referred to us by:

Your GP or other clinicians within the hospital

You will be seen within 2 weeks of referral.

In the clinic you will have initial investigations in the form of ultrasound scans; biopsies as appropriate and blood tests if required. All results are discussed at our weekly multidisciplinary meetings with the radiologists and pathologists. Some cases also need discussion with the regional MDT team at the cancer Centre at Addenbrookes. 


Meet the team:

Mrs Malini Prasad - cancer lead (consultant gynecologist)

Ms. Elizabeth Prior (consultant gynecologist)

Mrs Barkha Sinha (consultant gynecologist)

Ms June Roebuck (cancer nurse specialist) : 01284 713154

Lisa Patterson (cancer nurse specialist)

Cathy Dawson (medical secretary): 01284 713151


Patient information leaflets