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Secure emails

At West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, we take security of your data very seriously. One way we can do this is to encrypt messages that we send you via email if it contains sensitive information. This means that only you will be able to open and read the email.  

From mid-October 2021, we are using a company called Zivver to send our emails securely. 

If we need to email you with any information that we consider confidential then there are a few extra steps you will need to take to open the email. 

Your email will contain a link to a secure website where you can access the message. On the website you will be prompted to request a code via a text message (if your mobile number is known at the trust), known as an SMS code. Once you have received this code via text you enter it into the website and this will then show you the message. 

You will know that the message has been sent from someone who works at WSFT as the email will come from them, or a departmental email account, ending in

How to read a message that was sent via Zivver

Did you receive an email from WSFT via Zivver? If so, you can open this message by clicking the blue link that says ‘Click for message’. When you do, the secure Zivver website will automatically open. 

You have received a message that is secured with an SMS (or text message code). The person sending you this email wants to be certain that only you can read this message. Click ‘Click for message’ and then click ‘Send SMS’. Insert the code that you have received on your phone. You can now read the message. You can read the articles on Zivver's help page for more information about how to read a secure message.

Opening a message with an email code

In some instances, we may send an email code instead of an SMS/text code. You will be prompted to check your email for the code, and then you can enter it into the website and read the message.

Want to respond to an email that was sent via Zivver?

If you want to reply to an email message that was sent via Zivver, you can click on the 'Reply' button on the webpage where you are reading the message.

You can type your message in the text window. You can also add attachments if needed using the ‘Add attachments’ (paper clip) button. Click ‘Send’ to send your reply. When the recipient of your message responds, you will receive another notification message.

In contact with us regularly via email?

If you are emailing the Trust regularly with information that should stay confidential, you can create a free Zivver account by following the prompts on your email. This will require a few checks to set up the account, but they can log in easily to see your messages.

Inform us of changes in your email address and phone number!

It is very important that you immediately inform us of changes in your email address or mobile phone number. That way, we can keep communicating securely with you. You can inform us of changes by letting your contact at WSFT know.

The technical bit about secure email

West Suffolk's emails have been accredited by NHS Digital's secure email standard. This means we can send and receive sensitive information securely between other accredited email addresses, such as, and other accredited NHS organisations. We use Zivver as an additional layer of security when we want to send sensitive information to emails that may not be secure, such as personal or business email addresses.

More about Zivver

Zivver allows you to send emails and exchange files securely. Zivver encrypts messages with sensitive content, such as personal data, files, reports, or other information you want to send securely. If you send a message via Zivver, it is guaranteed to be safe. This means that no one but the sender and the recipient have access to the message. Not even hackers. Additionally, Zivver uses smart technologies to prevent WSFT users from sending sensitive information to the wrong recipient. 


Do you have questions about an email you received? Zivver have support pages you can use, or you can email them:

If you want to know more about Zivver:

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust manages your information in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.    

The use of Zivver adds a layer of security to the information contained within any email communication you have with the hospital.  Your rights under data protection law are not impacted by the use of Zivver. Please contact our data protection officer, Amy Witham, at if you have any questions about how we use or process your information.