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My Care Record

My Care Record enables health and care professionals directly involved in your care to access information about you.

This helps to provide you with:

  • better co-ordinated and seamless care
  • quicker diagnosis and treatment
  • less paperwork and repetition
  • fewer unnecessary clinical tests
  • more accurate prescriptions
  • more time to spend on clinical care
  • better health and care planning.

Your GP, hospital, community health, mental health and social care teams may all hold important information about your care. We know that when information is made available between services in a more joined-up way, we can better meet your health and wellbeing needs.

We now have a common agreement that health and care organisations within our region will follow this practice. We are calling this My Care Record. Where it is in place, professionals can access relevant information from other organisations that will help to deliver better care to you. For example, a doctor treating you in hospital or a nurse working in the community could view the information they need from your GP record.

Access to your records is made possible by several different types of secure technology. Information about you will only be accessed by health or care professionals who are directly involved in your care. Health and care professionals may access your records from different services to improve the care you receive as a whole.

In some areas, information from care records may also be used to help to plan and design how we deliver better services for you and the local population in general. In these cases, your name or any other recognisable information about you would not be used so that no-one working with the information would be able to identify you.

My Care Record is a key part of wider work to provide more joined-up care, which connects people, services and systems. As more care providers develop the technologies to view records across services, the benefits will increase.

More information, including answers to frequently asked questions and a list of the organisations that are taking part, can be found at the My Care Record website.