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History of the hospital

Our much-loved West Suffolk Hospital has been serving the local community at its current location at Hardwick Lane since 1972. 

The hospital has continued to evolve on the site with significant renovations and the addition of several new buildings. These include a number of clinical areas to improve patient experience, such as our state-of-the-art Cardiac Centre, Labour Suite, and Acute Assessment Unit.

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, have invested heavily in the upkeep of our buildings over recent years to ensure that the existing hospital is appropriately maintained, and we are able to continue to provide high quality health services for our community. However, whilst many patients praise the care that they receive, many of the buildings have already exceeded their intended 30-year life span and are showing signs of wear and tear. The buildings and the layout of the hospital have limitations that do not allow us to deliver the 21st century healthcare that we believe our patients and staff deserve.

Our need for a new hospital has been acknowledged nationally and in 2020, as part of the Health Infrastructure Plan (HIP), West Suffolk was confirmed as one of 40 new hospitals across the country that the government has committed to build by 2030.

This is a fantastic opportunity to develop a modern healthcare facility that is fit for purpose now and in future years to come. We have the unique chance to deliver innovative, joined up health care to the local population and to design services that meet the ever-changing needs of our community.