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The new facility is for west Suffolk people and is to be designed by west Suffolk people. The vision for the project is to ensure the way that health services are delivered is fit for our current and future needs. 

There are a variety of ways for you to give your feedback on designs and services. We want to work with the people who this affects the most. We want to work together to make real change and devise what is needed.

Find out more about the various different ways you can get involved below.

Community engagement group

The community engagement group helps us shape our public engagement around the hospital redevelopment. We are always looking for community members who have an interest in hospital services which adds an additional dimension to our redevelopment proposals.

Our work will get increasingly detailed and there will be many aspects where we will benefit from the input of members from the CEG. 

The group will meet on a monthly basis, due to the current climate this will be hosted on MS teams. Depending on interest, we may not require you to attend every meeting, we just need to ensure that there is a good representation across the group each time and will be offering the opportunity to attend the meeting to as many people as possible who apply. 

The group will be representative of the communities we serve. If you would like to join the CEG, please complete the following expression of interest form.

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