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Our staff

We invite members of staff from a wide range of roles to provide talks and sessions to the healthcare academy students. Below are some testimonials from our members of staff on what sessions they deliver and why they feel the healthcare academy is valuable.

Laura Pearson, pharmacy technician


Hello my nameis Laura. I am a rotational pharmacy technician at West Suffolk Hospital. I, along with my colleagues Jenny (Education & Training Pharmacist), Lou (ePMA Pharmacy Technician) and Claire (Rotational Pharmacist), deliver talks to the Health and Care Academy about our professions, our career pathways and the benefits and challenges of our roles. 

We enjoy interacting with the health and care academy students. Pharmacy may not typically be considered when people think about a career in healthcare. Therefore, being given the platform by the Academy to share our diverse roles and responsibilities is a pleasure and a privilege. Students that we have spoken to previously have said that they did not realise just how vast the pharmacy profession is. 

If you are considering a career in healthcare, I would strongly recommend joining the Academy to learn about the many rewarding careers that are open to you, and to hear first hand from staff experienced in their chosen field. The course providers are very friendly and a pleasure to work with, too!

Hannah Barry, advanced biomedical scientist and pathology lead

Hello, my name is Hannah Barry. I am an advanced biomedical scientist in haematology in pathology, here at West Suffolk Hospital. Biomedical science is often referred to as the ‘hidden hero’ within the hospital setting, yet 70% of the results we generate lead to a diagnosis. Within pathology, the specimens we deal with range from blood, urine and whole/sections of organs for analysis.

I have been working with the health and care academy to allow students access to interact with scientists to ask ‘anything’ about the profession to help make important decisions about their future!

The health and care academy allow students access to a range of careers within the hospital and with direct contact with professionals for you access as much information as you wish. The presentations are a fun way to promote how interesting, diverse and rewarding a career in healthcare can be and the feedback from students who have been part of this have always been positive.