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Our healthcare academy is a great way of kicking off a career in healthcare, and many of our past participants have gone on to be great champions for the program. 

The academy acts as a springboard to future careers. For more information, click here


Sophie Jacklin


Sophie took part in our health and care academy over 2020. With changes to our teaching methods due to COVID-19, Sophie highly valued her time in the academy. She said: 

"The academy involved a 6 week program, each week covering a new topic such as vital signs, communication barriers and professionalism. The first week was held at the education centre at WSH where we were introduced to the programme and had presentations on NHS core values and basic life support, putting what we had been taught into practice after.

Our sessions were moved online after this due to tighter COVID restrictions where were given lectures by the education team and guest speakers who specialised in the area of the session. In our final week of the academy we were lucky enough to be able to hear from and ask questions to a mixture of registered professionals and students within our interested careers.

Not only have the sessions benefited us as we have learnt key principles involved in care, but also enhanced our knowledge of that it’s like to work in the NHS and gained many helpful hints and tips about university application and life."


Katie Bellhouse 

Katie Bellhouse

Katie took part in our health and care academy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Katie found the course incredibly useful and has commended our course tutors on the insight they have given into healthcare.. 

She said: "The organisers of this course have worked hard to find ways to embrace the strengths of the online format, seizing the opportunity to have speakers that wouldn’t have otherwise been available for meetings in person.

"Alongside discussing their role and what kind of training they needed to get there, we’d frequently get an introduction to a specific area of the speaker’s expertise and be talked through how certain problems are solved, giving a look into the day to day of their job."

"These specific run-throughs included vital signs and how they are monitored, as well as a full patient case study, following all the many professionals involved in the journey of one patient. These segments not only helped improve my understanding of the basics of healthcare but also my understanding of how different health professions slot together."


Joe Warner

Joe Warner

Joe is a recent student at the health and care academy. He has paid tribute to the course and found much value in it. 

He said: "I took part in the healthcare academy where it was offered as an online course over six weeks. I thought the course ran really smoothly despite the set backs of online learning. It gave me the opportunity to meet people working in all roles within the NHS which highlighted the different career paths I could take.

"The speakers offered a presentation about their role and what kind of eduction they needed to get there, discussing their specific area of expertise."

"I found the material provided of interest and would recommend this course to other students looking at a career in the NHS, especially those looking to study medicine because I gained many helpful tips about university applications and life."