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Staff networks

The West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust is committed to being an inclusive employer for all and our staff networks are a vital part of this. 

 They bring people together from across the organisation who have a shared interest in equality and inclusion for a particular group and have two primary purposes:

1. To act as a safe space, where colleagues with shared experiences or a common understanding of challenges and barriers that they face in the workplace can come together, provide peer support to each other, and develop relationships with those they might not naturally come into contact with.

2. To contribute and add value to a culture of equality, diversity, and inclusion, using their collective voice to influence positive change, support decision-making and provide a channel for communication between the senior leadership team and staff groups who have traditionally been underrepresented or minoritised, or have experienced discrimination or lack of opportunity within the workplace.

Current staff networks include:

Current staff groups include:

To find out more or be added to a network distribution list when you start, please contact the network directly through the dedicated email address, as above.

For general questions about our networks and staff groups, please contact Jamais Webb-Small, organisational development manager - equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI).