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Pain management

At a pain clinic, patients will be seen by a pain medicine specialist and be offered a comprehensive and specialised assessment. This is likely to be multidisciplinary. Disciplines represented include specialist nursing, pain medicine specialist, clinical pain counsellor and acupuncturist. 

Services provided

  • Biopsychosocial and mechanical assessment
  • Investigation if appropriate (CT/ Uss/ MRI)
  • Medication review
  • Training for patients in non-pharmacologic approaches
  • TENs instruction and loan
  • Transpersonal counselling
  • Interventional treatment
    • Diagnostic nerve blocks – nerve root blocks, facet joint injections, plexus blocks, trigger point
    • Therapeutic nerve ablation – radiofrequency denervation, pulsed radiofrequency
    • Therapeutic neurolysis – phenol celiac and splanchnic plexus ablation, selective neurolysis

All primary diagnostic work complies with the 18 weeks target. Subsequent diagnostic procedures and therapeutic injections are classed as secondary treatments; and the 18 week target does not apply.

Contact the team

Dr Marcia Schofield, associative specialist: 01284 713580

Dr Louise Jeynes, consultant anaesthetist and pain management: 01284 713766

Dr Simon Law, consultant in pain medicine: 01284 713766

Dr Richard O'Flynn, consultant psychiatrist: 01284 713580

Caroline Seeley, clinical nurse specialist: 01284 712528

Charlotte Smiles, clinical nurse specialist: 01284 712528

Dawn Pretty, lead clinical nurse specialist: 01284 712528

Jo Hunter, senior clinical nurse specialist: 01284 712528

Jayne Sainsbury, senior clinical nurse specialist: 01284 712528

Paula Carnaby, mental health nurse specialist: 01284 712528

Patient information

Exercise videos

We have created a range of exercise videos which will help with your pain management. These can be found on our Youtube channel here. 

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