We are extremely busy in our emergency department so please use our services wisely.  In emergency and life-threatening cases continue to come forward as normal or call 999. 

However, if you are unsure about where to go, please call NHS 111 before coming to our emergency department who can best advise you on your next step.

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Gastroenterology and hepatology includes the diagnosis and management of conditions affecting the gastrointestinal tract and liver. Gastrointestinal conditions are complex and can have a profound effect on those affected. Our aim is to treat patients with skill, confidentiality and understanding.

Services provided

  • Gastroenterology OP
  • Hepatology OP
  • Endoscopy, including OGD, flexible sigmoidoscopy, ERCP, Argon plasma cautery, metal stent insertion
  • Liver biopsy, paracentesis of ascites, management of varices
  • Specialist nurses in chronic liver disease and inflammatory bowel disease

Contact the team

Dr Daniel Sharpstone, consultant gastroenterologist: 01284 713481

Dr Simon Whalley, consultant gastroenterologist: 01284 712877

Dr Nadim Sheikh, consultant gastroenterologist: 01284 713650

Dr Krishna Basavaraju, consultant gastroenterologist: 01284 713650

Dr Miriam Fort Gasia: 01284 712901

Dr Abdullah Mawas, consultant gastroenterologist: 01284 712901

Dr Daniel Gavin, consultant gastroenterologist: 01284 713481

Dr Tyara Banerjee, consultant gastroenterologist: 01284 712877

Lou Mascall, alcohol liver disease nurse: 01284 712917

Josie Coe, IBD nurse: 01284 712611

Helen Pettitt, IBD nurse: 01284 712611

Deborah Patterson, IBD nurse: 01284 712611

Colleen David, IBD nurse: 01284 712611


The endoscopy unit is on the ground floor, ward G2, at West Suffolk Hospital.

Patient information

Core (Digestive Diseases Foundation), a charity for research and information on gut and liver disease, Core, Freepost LON4268, London NW1 0YT. 

Coeliac UK, PO Box 220, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP11 3HY.