We are extremely busy in our emergency department so please use our services wisely.  In emergency and life-threatening cases continue to come forward as normal or call 999. 

However, if you are unsure about where to go, please call NHS 111 before coming to our emergency department who can best advise you on your next step.

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Seizure diary

A seizure diary is a good way of recording information about epilepsy and seizure activity. Our clinical staff will have advised you if you need to complete one of these.

Seizure diaries can be used to make a note of:

  • when seizures happen
  • what seizures look like
  • how long seizures last
  • how often seizures occur
  • any possible seizure triggers there might have been.

You can share your seizure diary with your consultant and epilepsy specialist nurse. This can help you and those caring for you, to plan what needs to happen next in your treatment.

You can complete the diary either electronically or by printing it off and completing it by hand. 

Electronic version

Please save a copy of the form here and complete electronically. Please then send this to epilepsy.nurses@wsh.nhs.uk for review. Please kindly email on a monthly basis.

Printed version

Please print the form here and complete by hand. Please bring your completed copy to your next clinic appointment, or scan it and send it to epilepsy.nurses@wsh.nhs.uk for review. If scanning and emailing, please kindly email it to us on a monthly basis.