We are extremely busy in our emergency department so please use our services wisely.  In emergency and life-threatening cases continue to come forward as normal or call 999. 

However, if you are unsure about where to go, please call NHS 111 before coming to our emergency department who can best advise you on your next step.

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Mobile cancer care unit

In 2016, West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust partnered with national cancer charity, Hope for Tomorrow and launched a Mobile Cancer Care Unit (MCCU) to bring cancer care closer to patients’ homes.

In a unique partnership the MCCU is developed, built, owned and maintained by Hope for Tomorrow and operated by highly trained NHS staff. These well-equipped MCCUs allow cancer patients to receive treatment in a restful environment closer to home, saving stressful long distance travel and minimising waiting times, allowing them to spend more time with their loved ones.

In addition to the MCCU, Hope for Tomorrow provide the Trust with a Nurses Support Vehicle to allow the nurses to travel to and from the daily treatment locations along with any additional supplies or equipment that's required.

The MCCU has historically visited the below locations to give treatments




The MCCU can visit up to 5 locations each week to give treatments, with up to 15 patients benefiting each day. These treatment locations are carefully chosen by the NHS Trust, based on where they can treat the most patients at any given point, hence being subject to change.

For more information about Hope for Tomorrow please visit www.hopefortomorrow.org.uk