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Acute Assessment Unit

The acute assessment unit provides a specialised area for rapid assessments, diagnostics, treatment, observations and discharge of patients who attend via an emergency pathway.

Services Provided

Ensure care delivery to the ill patient at the right time, in the right place and by the right specialist to enable the optimum outcome for the patient with discharge back to their home wherever possible and appropriate, avoiding the disruption of care packages and unnecessary admissions. The unit has no beds and will not be available for escalation beds.


  • Direct referral of all General Practitioner (GP) expected patients– so relieving pressure on Emergency Department (ED) and contributing towards achievement of the National and Trust length of stay standard and a better patient experience
  • A monitored area with five small bays with a single trolley in each to ensure we are providing best practice care for the acutely unwell patient.
  • An assessment area consisting of 3 same gender bays of five trollies in each, allowing assessment according to the AAU Key Performance Indicators (KPI), diagnosing, treating and referring patients to base wards within 6 hours where possible.
  • Four assessment rooms
  • Ambulatory Emergency Care Centre (AEC) for dressed patients with their usual level of mobility, this area is comprised of a waiting area, ‘fit to sit’ reclining chairs and assessment areas – further information in ambulatory emergency care section.

Contact the team

Acute assessment unit: 01284 713798


We are located on the Ground floor of the hospital. (Main entrance, walk as far as you can down main corridor, turn left, walk to end, through double doors, AAU located at the end of corridor on the right).

Hours of service


Patient information

On arrival to AAU please go to the reception desk and inform them that you are attending ambulatory care. You will be welcomed on arrival and given an approximate waiting time by the nurse.

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