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Keeping in touch

We understand how difficult it can be for patients and their loved ones to be separated due to a hospital admission. Here are some ways you can keep in touch if you are not able to see each other in person.

Clinical helpline

You can now receive updates on your loved one in our care by contacting 01284 713155 between 10am and 6pm, seven days a week. 

A dedicated team will be able to provide you with the latest on their condition as well as answer queries you may have.

Send a card or a knitted heart to a loved one

If you would like to send a card to one of our patients, please fill in the form below with the message you would like to include and we will ensure it gets delivered to them.

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers and the team at My WiSH Charity you are now also able to send a knitted heart to a loved one. Please complete the form below with details of the patient and the person you would like to receive the second heart (this doesn’t have to be the applicant).

We even have a lovely poem to explain what the knitted hearts are all about. Please tick the box if you would like the poem included with your heart.

Video calls are now managed on the wards, please get in touch with them if you would like to set one up. If you are not sure which ward a patient is on, please call our PALS team on 01284 712555.  

Have you used the Keeping in Touch service? 

If you have used the Keeping in Touch service and would like to leave some feedback, please feel free to fill in the survey here. We're open to suggestions and would love to hear your feedback. 

In line with our data protection responsibilities we will minimise the length of time we keep contact details for the purposes of Keeping in Touch.  Rather than take contact details every time we need to speak to you, we will store the details on the Keeping in Touch iPad.  This information will be deleted at the end of each week to make sure we aren’t keeping it for longer than is necessary. 

If you have any questions about how your information is used, please contact our data protection officer