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Ricardo's story

Hello, my name is Ricardo, I’m a junior doctor at West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust.


I was born and raised in Portugal and am proud to have spent the latter stages of my education obtaining a Master’s degree in medicine. This is now my second year in the NHS. 

Now two years into my junior doctor’s training, the COVID-19 pandemic has taught me so much in what it means to be a good doctor; being able to adapt to different situations and yet keep the patient as your primary focus at all times. It has been a valuable experience I don’t think I’ll ever forget. 

Moreover, it has been an intense year for the BAME community in today’s political climate, with a higher incidence of Covid-19 statistically affecting us disproportionately within the public & healthcare sector, only making things more challenging and raising a lot of concerns in our communities. 

I love getting to know patients personally; each and every morning when I walk into a bay I say good morning loud and clear. It is important to keep spirits up at what is an incredibly anxiety-inducing time for everyone, including staff. Every day was, and continues to be, quite daunting for everyone, so I hope I am the smiling face and listening ear people need. 

I personally found strength in my friends, family who have been very supportive throughout and I drew on the expertise of my colleagues who all fed into the same goal of providing top quality care.