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Gastroenterology and hepatology includes the diagnosis and management of conditions affecting the gastrointestinal tract and liver. Gastrointestinal conditions are complex and can have a profound effect on those affected. Our aim is to treat patients with skill, confidentiality and understanding.

Services provided

  • Gastroenterology OP
  • Hepatology OP
  • Endoscopy, including OGD, flexible sigmoidoscopy, ERCP, Argon plasma cautery, metal stent insertion
  • Liver biopsy, paracentesis of ascites, management of varices
  • Specialist nurses in chronic liver disease and inflammatory bowel disease

Contact the team

Dr Daniel Sharpstone, consultant gastroenterologist: 01284 713481

Dr Simon Whalley, consultant gastroenterologist: 01284 713461

Dr Nadim Sheikh, consultant gastroenterologist: 01284 713650

Dr Krishna Basavaraju, consultant gastroenterologist: 01284 713650

Dr Miriam Fort Gasia: 01284 712901

Dr Abdullah Mawas, consultant gastroenterologist: 01284 712901

Dr Daniel Gavin, consultant gastroenterologist: 01284 713481

Dr Tyara Banerjee, consultant gastroenterologist: 01284 712877

Dr Ashok Kurian, consultant gastroenterologist: 01284 712877

Lou Mascall, alcohol liver disease nurse: 01284 712917

Josie Coe, IBD nurse: 01284 712611

Helen Pettitt, IBD nurse: 01284 712611

Deborah Patterson, IBD nurse: 01284 712611

Colleen David, IBD nurse: 01284 712611


The endoscopy unit is on the ground floor, ward G2, at West Suffolk Hospital.

Patient information

Core (Digestive Diseases Foundation), a charity for research and information on gut and liver disease, Core, Freepost LON4268, London NW1 0YT. 

Coeliac UK, PO Box 220, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP11 3HY.