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Ear, nose and throat

Ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeons are trained in the management of conditions of the head and neck and upper aerodigestive tract. The problems in these areas can have a profound effect on quality of life and in some cases can be life threatening. Our aim is to provide a timely diagnosis and establish appropriate management of the condition.

Services provided

We provide a comprehensive ENT service which means we can treat problems related to the ear, nose and throat, in addition to cancers of the aerodigestive tract, phono-surgery, thyroid and parotid disease and facial plastic surgery. We work closely with our colleagues in radiotherapy, oncology, paediatrics, speech and language therapy, anaesthetics, ophthalmology and dermatology.

Contact the team

Marcos Martinez Del Pero, lead consultant ENT, head and neck surgeon: 01284 713820

Fahmy-Fayez Fahmy, consultant otolaryngologist: 01284 713819

David McKiernan, consultant ENT and facial plastic surgeon: 01284 713627  

Alex Millington, consultant ENT surgeon: 01284 713550

Lucy Truman, consultant ENT surgeon: 01284 713559

Hany Kamel, associate specialist in ENT: 01284 713627

Helen Woodley, clinical nurse specialist: 01284 713559

Andrew Mizen, head and neck clinical nurse specialist: 01284 713820

Marta Peredo, clinical nurse specialist: 01284 713550

Patient information