We are extremely busy in our emergency department so please use our services wisely.  In emergency and life-threatening cases continue to come forward as normal or call 999. 

However, if you are unsure about where to go, please call NHS 111 before coming to our emergency department who can best advise you on your next step.

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How we will use data

The Population Health platform receives data from your hospital and your GP.

Under data protection laws we must carry out a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) whenever we implement a new system that processes patient information. The DPIA provides the detail of what information will be shared, with whom, and for what purpose. 

A number of health and care providers will access the Population Health system as it will provide a wealth of information to enable improved patient care. The DPIA for Population Health can be found here.

Question: Is this like my Summary Care Record, or the national data opt-out?

Answer: No. There are a number of national projects relating to patient data and there will be overlaps. If you have chosen to opt-out of all data nationally (via the NHS England programme) then you don't need to worry about opting out here as it will already be recorded on the Population Health platform.

Data will be managed in line with the NHS Records Management Code of Practice 2016.

To find out more about how we use your information, please click here.