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No Smoking Day

Wednesday, 13 March is national No Smoking Day, so what better time to think about quitting smoking yourself?  Our Trust is here for patients when they get ill, but we also want to play a part in preventing illness and helping our community to live long and healthy lives. My role is to advocate prevention, which as we know, is better than cure…

These days, everyone knows that smoking is bad for our health. We’ve all heard the stats; smoking is the single biggest risk factor for cancer, and one in six deaths in the UK can be attributed to smoking. However, that doesn’t mean we all know how to quit.

Many people who smoke do want to stop, and have tried to stop, but without success. It’s tough, as cigarettes are so addictive, but smokers are four times more likely to quit if they get medication and support than if they go it alone – which makes sense, lots of things in life are easier when we help each other and have advice and moral support.

As smoking is not allowed anywhere on our hospital site, patients often find that they need extra help when they’re in hospital. Patients in our hospital who would like some support to quit can be offered nicotine replacement therapy, including patches and gum, while they are with us. Then, before heading home, staff can refer them to our partners, OneLife Suffolk, for ongoing support.

The benefits of quitting smoking really are endless. If you’re not concerned about your health or those around you, then the cost savings alone are immense. A smoker using 20 cigarettes a day is estimated to spend around £3,600 per year on their habit. That’s the price of a luxury holiday!

So, on national No Smoking Day, I’m encouraging you to think about quitting and to contact our brilliant free, local health support service, OneLife Suffolk. The OneLife Suffolk Stop Smoking Service offer an eight-week support programme, with an initial one-to-one appointment to discuss your needs.

For more information about support to stop smoking, OneLife Suffolk is available: visit or call ‪01473 718193.

Also, why not visit now to get your free Personal Quit Plan? 



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Dr. Tara Berger Gillam, registrar in public health medicine

Dr. Tara Berger Gillam, registrar in public health medicine