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Hospital patients asked to provide travel feedback

The West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (WSFT) is looking to understand how members of the community travel to their healthcare appointment.  

As part of the planning for a new hospital, patients are asked to complete a survey to share information about how they currently travel to appointments. The findings will be used to help plan for future healthcare requirements locally and will consider where they would be best placed.  

The survey can be accessed by clicking here with paper versions available at the main hospital reception or upon request.  

Mark Manning, head of nursing for the Future System Programme, said: “We recognise that a patient’s journey is a key element when people attend a health care appointment. The survey will capture how people travel, who they travel with, and any challenges that people may face. The responses will aid future planning of healthcare provision.” 

To request a paper version of the survey please email futuresystemprogramme@wsh.nhs.uk or write to; 
Future System Team 
West Suffolk Hospital 
Quince House, 2nd floor 
Bury St Edmunds, IP33 2BR


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