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Car parking charges set to increase

Car parking charges for patients and visitors to the West Suffolk Hospital are to set to change from Monday, 3 June.

Car parking charges at the hospital have not been increased since 1 April 2019, and as such West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (WSFT) has taken the difficult decision to increase all parking charges in line with the current Consumer Price Index (CPI - 4.2%).

During this time several additional concessions have been introduced including:

  • Free parking for holders of a valid blue badge
  • Free parking for oncology outpatients attending the Macmillan Unit
  • Free parking for parents with babies in the Neonatal Unit
  • Free parking for regular outpatient visitors (three or more visits per month for at least three months).

Additional concessions have also recently been agreed to include free parking for the families of end-of-life patients.

Craig Black, executive director of resources for WSFT, said: “Regrettably the Trust has taken the tough decision to increase car parking charges in line with CPI. We are always mindful of the impact any increase in charging has on our staff, patients, and visitors. We offer free parking and concessionary rates for the individuals and families in greatest need because we understand how difficult it can be when you or a loved one are unwell.

“Please be reassured that any surplus income the Trust makes from car parking is reinvested into patient care and services after regular expenses are deducted. This includes car parking management fees and investment in a park and ride shuttle bus service for staff from an offsite parking location in Bury St Edmunds through to the West Suffolk Hospital site.”


Table 1: Current and new charges


Current charges


2024/2025 charges

(increase of 4.2% in line with current
Consumer Price Index)




20 minutes (front of hospital)

Free of charge

Free of charge

30 minutes (rear of hospital)

Free of charge

Free of charge




Up to 1 hour



1-2 hours



2-3 hours



3-4 hours



4-5 hours



5-6 hours



Over 6 hours




Charging increases in line with the 4.2% CPI will also be applied to staff tariffs moving from a flat fee of £2 to £2.10 per day. Annual increases going forward will be in line with CPI.

For further car parking information, visit our website.

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