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Occupational therapy

As occupational therapists, we aim to provide timely and appropriate services to enable our patients to achieve the best possible quality of recovery and optimum independence following injury or illness.

Services provided

As an inpatient you may be seen by the ward occupational therapist to help with your recovery and to assist your discharge from hospital. The type and frequency of occupational therapy intervention will depend on your condition and the assessment outcome of the occupational therapist.

Should you require specialist equipment/adaptations to aid your independence and safe discharge, we will assess and then facilitate this via the appropriate area equipment store.

The outpatient service within occupational therapy mainly treats people awaiting joint replacements such as hip and knee replacements. We also treat people who have hand injuries or surgery or who have painful joints in their hands or wrists. We may make a specialised hand splint to rest joints or facilitate function. To be seen by an occupational therapist as an outpatient, you will need referral from your GP or consultant.

Contact the team

Occupational therapy department: 01284 713560

Professional lead occupational therapist: 01284 713639

Integrated therapies manager: 01284 713803

Business support manager: 01284 713181

Hand therapy: 01284 713300

Occupational health: 01284 713424


The department is able to be accessed externally through the therapy services entrance to the right of the main entrance.  Internal access is on the ground floor opposite ward G3 entrance.

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