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General surgery

The department of surgery is made up of a group of consultant surgeons who also have sub-specialty interests but work together in the management of general conditions such as herniae and a variety of lumps and bumps. We also manage those patients that are admitted as an emergency.

Services provided

Under the Suffolk PCT low priorities procedures list on 2007 certain uncomplicated benign skin lesions can not be referred to a hospital consultant. This can include simple lipomas, skin tags and sebaceous cysts. We are only able to offer you surgery for these conditions if acceptable funding arrangements have been made for you by your GP, using an exemption certificate.

Contact the team

Mr Neil Keeling, consultant surgeon: 01284 712696

Mr Justin Alberts, consultant surgeon: 01284 712894

Mr Nicolas Ward, colorectal consultant: 01284 713223

Mr Amitabh Mishra, consultant surgeon: 01284 712795

Mr Dermot O'Riordan, consultant surgeon: 01284 713897

Mr Craig Vickery, consultant surgeon: 01284 713897

Mr Coveney, consultant surgeon: 01284 713482

Patient information