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Our care pathways have changed, both to safeguard patients from exposure to Covid-19 and due to the demands placed on services in treating those affected by the disease. As we begin to move into the recovery phase of Covid-19 planning we enclose the attached as a brief guide as to which services are available within specialities for GP referrals. As we move forward with the recovery plans, we anticipate that these will adapt as we are able to offer more services.

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We continue to focus specific attention to cancer and urgent clinical pathways. With on-going restrictions in place, we will continue to ensure that staff and patient safety is our priority, this will mean that services will have reduced capacity for the foreseeable future, we therefore ask you to consider all referrals that are made into the Hospital as those for routine care will likely have significant delays and it will help if patient expectations are met. Referrals for all specialities may be treated differently and you may find that a referral is responded to with advice and guidance as opposed to a consultation and patients may receive phone or video consultations. We would of course wish to remind GPs that it is essential that patients continue to attend the emergency departments when required for conditions that need that level of care. We are very grateful indeed to those in the community providing enhanced services for those patients not requiring secondary care support.


Medical services

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