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Website accessibility

We are committed to making this website as accessible as possible for everyone, regardless of the software they are using and including people who have a physical or cognitive impairment. The following describes some of the features that have been incorporated into this website to aid accessibility.

Change browser settings

If you are having difficulties viewing our website, most browsers allow users to change the settings to alter the way pages are displayed, which may improve readability.

Most browsers allow you to:

  • Ignore settings specified by a web page
  • Change the font size, style or colour
  • Change the background colour
  • Stop images downloading (so they are not visible)

For more information, consult the help files for your browser.

Changing text size

You can change text size using your browser.

  • In Chrome, go to View -> Zoom In/Out or press Cmd/Ctrl +/-
  • In Safari go to View -> Zoom In/Out or press Cmd/Ctrl +/-
  • In Firefox, go to View -> Zoom -> Zoom In/Out or press Cmd/Ctrl +/-
  • In Internet Explorer, go to View -> Zoom and select the size you require

Translate our website

If you wish to read the content of the website in another language, simply choose a language from the translation menu in the footer of any page. This service is provided via Google Translate. Please note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of translations.