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Indicative illustrations

The indicative illustrations and plans are an example of what a new hospital may look like and what could be possible on the Hardwick Manor site. They are not without foundation and have been developed based on patient experience, staff feedback and with central support from the Government and NHS who provide insight into lessons learnt from other projects of a similar nature.

Our outline planning application will be seeking to maximise the opportunity of our preferred site to meet all the future health needs identified by our staff and patients. The illustrations and indicative plans presented have been prepared to provide maximum future flexibility, however, they may not exactly represent what we eventually build.

The illustrative plans and Environmental Impact Assessment work which will be included within our outline planning application demonstrate our aim to minimise, and where necessary, mitigate the impact of the development of the new hospital on areas including the existing landscape, ecology, trees, protected species and potential flood risks. We are also mindful of the impact on our neighbours in terms of visual impact, noise and light.

We recognise that visiting a hospital is not always a pleasant experience, it can be stressful and anxiety inducing. We have taken this feedback onboard and included this in the indicative design of the potential new hospital building; the circular module will be the first element of the building you see and represents the ‘welcoming face’ of the organisation. The extended blocks, known as ‘arms’, maximise the use of light and views and are ready to welcome visitors, patients and staff. The ambition is for each of these “arms” to have access to gardens and outside spaces which we know is important to both patients and staff.

These designs are purely to support our outline planning application. Further iterations will be refined as we work with our staff, patients and local community.

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Pavilions in the Park 2- Massing View 2 (4)

WSH-RYD-MM-ZZ-DR-L-2001-S0-P2_Parameter Plan - Developable Plot new



 indicative 3

Revised image December 2021

WSH-RYD-MM-ZZ-DR-L-2003-S0-P6-Parameter Plan - Land Use and Character Areas (no Construct Comp)10241024_1