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Changes to car parking charges at West Suffolk Hospital: 1 May

As we do every year, we have reviewed some of our car parking charges, and in March put forward some proposals for changes to our weekly car parking charge, and carers charge.

To find out what people thought of the proposals, we engaged with more than 500 people across the west Suffolk community to get their feedback. Thank you to everyone who took part.

Taking the feedback into account, we have now supported some changes that will come into effect from 1 May, as detailed below.

You can read about the feedback we received in more detail here


Weekly ticket

As of 1 May, it will cost £25.00 to purchase a weekly, seven day ticket. This equates to £3.57 per day (usual day cost, £12.40).

This is a reduction in our original proposal of £30.00 per week, following our engagement work.

This ticket is designed for those who may be attending or visiting the hospital over an extended period.


Carer parking

As of 1 May, the discounted daily rate for carers will be £3.00 per day (non-concessionary day cost, £12.40).

This is a reduction in our original proposal of £5.00 per week, following our engagement work.

This discounted rate is available for family carers; the Trust will also be introducing a new process to apply and access family carer discount. Please contact the patient advice and liaison service (PALS) for more information.


Why are we making these changes?

We know that many people, rightly, feel very strongly about hospital car parking. No hospital takes the decision to charge for car parking lightly, but it is well-known that the NHS is facing some significant financial challenges, with reduced funding, and is being asked to do more with less. This unfortunately means that we have to sometimes make difficult decisions to ensure we can keep providing high-quality care as an Outstanding rated Trust.

All the money that the Trust makes from car parking is reinvested into our services and providing care to patients, and across a year, this car parking income is roughly equivalent to a full ward’s worth of nurses.

Concessions are available for those people attending the Macmillan or renal units for treatment. Patients on Income Support or Family Credit are also able to claim reimbursement for some car parking charges, and specific arrangements can be made in specialist circumstances for some patients attending for repeat treatments or short stay care.