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Please tell us what you think

We are one of 40 Trusts to receive Government funding for a new hospital. We need your help to plan what our new health and care facility and services will look like.

Please take your time to share you views by completing the following short survey about our services, the patient experience and what you would like to see in a future hospital.

One of the areas we will be discussing is how we plan our future wards. We plan to provide at least 70% of beds as single rooms in line with Department of Health standards for newly built hospitals. We want your input to help us decide what the proportion of single rooms will be in order to deliver the best level of care at our future health and care facility. Your feedback will also help us to develop designs for our preferred site location.

We have a fantastic opportunity to design what we want and need rather than improving what we already have, for example making sure all patients and staff are visible to each other, regardless of whether they are in a bay or single room. With this in mind, please answer the questions from an ideal future perspective rather than using our current provision as a basis.

You can take a tour round an example of how a singular room and a ward could look like using the links below. These are mock-ups of how other hospitals have designed their bedded bays and singular rooms and are for illustrative purposes only.

Take a virtual tour

Singular room