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Health and care academy

The health and care academy is a fantastic opportunity for you to explore a career in the health sector. From nurses to porters, social workers to ODPs; this interactive programme is designed to support your development in a wide range of careers in the NHS and social care.

What is the health and care academy?

The Junior Health Academy is aimed at school students aged 13-16 who have an interest in health care. A range of health care professionals are on hand to support students in gaining a greater understanding of many roles available within the NHS. 

The Senior Health Academy is open to all ages not just those at College or School, but could also be for those who are thinking of a career change. The academy is an opportunity to learn about the NHS and social care and the roles it has to offer. We offer the chance to not only meet a range of health care professionals but to gain a better understanding of what their role entails and possible routes into the varying careers.

The Academy experience aims to provide individuals with both life skills and increased confidence and knowledge into a variety of health care careers. This is a programme undertaken alongside current college studies allowing students to keep up with academic work whilst spending time at the trust learning from a variety of NHS and social care staff.

With over 350 different roles within the NHS, there's so many pathways that you can choose. To view all the NHS careers, click here

How to sign up

If you are interested in learning more about our Health Academies or would like to enquire about sessions please contact Rachel Grimwood in the Education Team on

Please fill our the application form here if you'd like to apply to the Healthcare Academies. 


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