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Trust Board

Our Trust Board has the ultimate responsibility for running the Trust and directs its purpose and activities. The Board has five executive directors and a chief executive and five non-executive directors who are drawn from our community and bring a range of different commercial and professional skills. Our chair is responsible for leading the Trust Board and for overseeing the Trust's vision, strategy and performance.   

The current members of the board are:


Sheila Childerhouse

Executive directors 

Dr Stephen Dunn, chief executive

Dr Nick Jenkins, medical director

Helen Beck, chief operating officer

Jeremy Over, executive director of workforce and communications

Craig Black, executive director of resources

Sue Wilkinson, executive chief nurse

Non-executive directors

Richard Davies

Alan Rose

Angus Eaton

Louisa Pepper

David Wilkes

Rosemary Mason

The role of the Trust Board

The Board’s role can be characterised as:

  • Patients (are we delivering services at the right time, place and quality?)
  • People (having the right people in place to implement the Board’s policies and deliver services)
  • Planning (where we are going, what shall we do?)
  • Performance (how are we doing?)
  • Pounds and pence (keeping the money under control)

The Board meets monthly and members of the public are welcome to attend the open section of the meeting.