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Governor elections: make your vote count

Governor election nominations for 2020 have now closed. Voting opens on November 4, 2020 and closes at 5pm on November 27, 2020. To view the notice of poll, click here.

Who is standing?

We opened nominations for our governor vacancies in September, inviting interested members to apply for the five staff and 14 public governor positions we have available.

Twenty members of the public, and 9 staff, have put themselves forward for your votes. So now it’s over to you! If you’re a member of staff, you’ll be voting for the staff governors, and if you’re a public member, you’ll be voting for the public governor positions.

You can read the candidates’ election statements, which detail who they are and why they think you should vote for them:

Public governors: candidate election statements here

Staff governors: candidate election statements here

How do I vote?

If you’re a member, whether staff or public, you’ll automatically be sent ballot papers to the home address you have registered with us. You can simply return the ballot paper by post using the instructions provided, or if you’d prefer, you can cast your vote online:

You will need the two-part security code printed on your ballot paper.

But make sure to have your say soon! Voting closes at 5pm on 27 November.

Lost or not received your ballot paper? Please call 020 8889 9203 or email

What are governors?

Our governors hold our non-executive directors individually and collectively to account for the performance of the board of directors, and represent the interests of NHS foundation trust members and of the public.

Our governors are the voice of staff and our communities, sharing ideas, concerns, and suggestions on a wider platform; they tell the Board what they think our hospital should offer, and work with them to ensure that community and staff needs are taken into account in the planning of services; they bring valuable perspective and contribution to the Trust’s activities; and they have real influence on the strategic direction and governance of the Trust.

It’s really important you vote for the people that you want to represent you. Have your say today!