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How you can support our coronavirus response

The support and generosity we’ve received from our local community since the start of the coronavirus outbreak has been astounding – thank you so much for your messages, kindness, and the goodwill shown to our amazing staff.

Lots of you are getting in touch to ask how you can support us. So here are some of the ways you can help us as your local NHS trust.

Support our charity

Our lovely My WiSH Charity have launched a Help Your Hospital appeal to raise funds to support West Suffolk Hospital and Newmarket Community Hospital, and most importantly our staff, during the coronavirus response.

Your virtual support is plenty enough for us, but if you would like to donate you can do so via Just Giving – just click the link below:

I’d like to donate please!


Give a gift to our staff

So many generous people have wanted to share goodies and treats with our hard-working teams. They’ve been most welcome, but there are some things we are and aren’t allowed to take as gifts (particularly perishables).

Our My WiSH Charity are very happy to coordinate all your lovely donations; as well as making sure that the goodies are shared among all our frontline colleagues, they can help to advise you on the best way of getting any gifts to us (as we have some visitor restrictions in place at the moment to keep people as safe as possible).


Personal protective equipment

Lots of people are showing some wonderful community spirit and trying to source us what’s called personal protective equipment, or ‘PPE’. This includes things like face masks, visors and goggles.

At the current time we have a good supply of all PPE. However, if you have an offer of equipment that you think we should really know about, please contact who will help support you and look into it.

Please don’t gather any funds to purchase PPE, or source any PPE to give to us, without contacting our purchasing team first.

You can rest assured that we’re currently getting regular deliveries of PPE to help keep our staff safe.


Send our staff a message of support

Give us a ‘like’ on Facebook at /WestSuffolkNHS, or follow us on Twitter @WestSuffolkNHS and send a message of support for our wonderful NHS team!


Provide free company or discount services

If your business wants to provide support to our colleagues, for example you are a hotel chain that wants to provide free rooms to our NHS staff, please drop our contracting team a line at, and they will see how they can help you. 

Not sure who to contact but want to give us support? Contact our My WiSH Charity at, and they will do their best to point you in the right direction. You can read more about our Charity and the wonderful work they do on their website.

Thank you so much for your community kindness and generosity – you are amazing!