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Meet Dave

Dave, an integration specialist in our IT department, has lost a considerable amount of weight. He's proud to champion the program that helped him do it...

Dave v2

I made the decision pretty quickly: one evening at home, I thought “I just don’t want to be overweight anymore”. So I gave Slimming World a try. 

Getting started was made somewhat easier for me as our staff restaurant offers a great selection of lower calorie and Slimming World-friend options, such as jacket potatoes and salads. I didn’t discuss my plan much at work but, as my weight loss started to become obvious, my colleagues complimented me and gave me encouragement to stick at it. Within four months I had lost two stone and felt more in control of my diet and food choices. 

The main benefits for me have been better health and bringing my BMI down, which should lead to fewer problems as I get older, such as less wear on my joints and heart. Another bonus is being able to buy new clothes that fit well! 

I'm very happy to talk to anyone who might be interested in how I’ve lost weight, and I encourage others who are taking a similar approach to keep it up.


OneLife Suffolk provides up to 12 months of FREE adult weight management support, providing you with the tools, advice and guidance needed to improve your lifestyle, achieve your weight loss goals and more importantly, sustain the changes made for good. As an alternative OneLife Suffolk has a partnership agreement with Slimming World and you may be eligible to receive vouchers to join one of their groups. Visit to find out more.