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Meet Cassia

Head of patient experience, Cassia Nice attended the two-day MIND Mental Health Training for Managers course...

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"It is important to have the skills to support your team in any leadership position, but also to know how to maintain your own resilience

Working in patient experience is often challenging. The cases we deal with can be highly emotional and involve us in some difficult conversations and, naturally, this can have an effect on how we feel. I wanted to develop my skills in managing the more difficult days, which is why I signed up to this two-day course. It is important that we try not to allow our own struggles to impact our patients or their relatives, as they come to us at some of their most upsetting times. 

This course gives you simple steps to identify what causes us to feel out of balance, providing you with practical prompts to support yours and your team’s wellbeing. 

I was so impressed with the facilitation of this course that I arranged for Suffolk MIND to return and provide a bespoke session to my team. 

The past few months have proved exceptionally challenging for many of us. Being able to support staff during a time of huge and constant change hasn’t been easy. However, tools such as those shared by Suffolk MIND give us simple yet effective insight into how to create a happier workforce. 

Happy staff means happy patients – which is a win in the world of patient experience!"

We offer our managers mental health training to support their own wellbeing and help them understand and support their colleagues. can help you make positive changes in your life to cope with stress, anxiety or depression.