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Welcome to Radiology Services

West Suffolk Hospital Radiology Services are part of the Clinical Support Directorate. We aim provide an excellent diagnostic imaging service, or imaging guidance for therapeutic procedures, for clients referred to the service. The service was one of the first to implement digital imaging, in 1996, and is 100% ‘filmless’ today, leading to 100% reliability in the provision of x-rays and other images to clinicians as and when they are needed.

The department has modern CT, MRI, x-ray and ultrasound equipment, and has the very latest gamma camera for radioisotope imaging. It has an expert team of well-trained radiologists, radiographers, and nursing staff, supported by an excellent team of support staff.

Our waiting times are within and in many cases better than the required target, and each and every image is reviewed and reported by an expert.

You may be assured of the highest standards of both imaging and care in our unit.

Services Provided

Radiology Services provide a large range of services including

  • Breast screening and symptomatic breast imaging
  • Computed Tomography (CT) scanning
  • Gastro-intestinal imaging
  • General ultrasound imaging
  • Interventional radiology, including angiography, biopsy, drainage
  • Magnetic Resonance (MR) scanning
  • Mobile imaging
  • Obstetric and gynaecological ultrasound imaging
  • Plain film imaging for GP, OPD, and A&E
  • Radionuclide imaging (‘nuclear medicine’)
  • Specialist radiology e.g hysterosalpingography, dacrocystography, sialography
  • Theatre radiography

Opening times

X-Ray Walk-in service

Patients who have been referred by their doctor can use the walk-in service which is available during these hours:


9am to 4pm


9am to 4pm


9am to 4pm


9am to 4pm


9am to 4pm



  • You must attend within 14 days of being referred by the doctor (requests older than 14 days are returned to the doctor and cannot be performed)
  • Patients attending outside these hours will not be x-rayed
  • West Suffolk Hospital ONLY

Any queries please contact 01284 713328 / 01284 713378



All other access to Radiology services is operated on an appointment basis which may be any day of the week between approximately 8am to 8pm.

Main Contact Numbers

Radiology reception / general enquiries: 01284 713328

Appointment enquiries (CT, Nuclear Medicine, x-rays and Ultrasounds):  01284 713378

CT Scanning / Nuclear Medicine Reception: 01284 713326

Angiography appointment enquiries: 01284 712573

MRI Reception (appointments and enquiries): 01284 712891

Breast Imaging: 01284 713768

Antenatal and Gynaecological ultrasound scanning: 01284 713259

PACS enquiries: 01284 712572

Fax: 01284 713108

Requests to transfer images: 01284 712573 / 712572

Where are we?

The Radiology Department is located in the centre of the ground floor of the hospital. From the main entrance, pass the Courtyard Café and the Hospital Shop. When you reach the main hospital corridor, Radiology is almost in front of you, just slightly to the left.

For CT and Nuclear Medicine, as above, then turn left when you reach the main corridor, then CT N/M is next on your right.

MRI is accessed from the rear entrance, near Rainbow. Turn sharp right after passing through the rear entrance and proceed along a short corridor. For reasons of magnet safety, you will need to ring a bell by the double doors at the end of the corridor, and you will be let in.

Breast Imaging is located near ward G4 on the ground floor of the hospital. Some breast screening services are provided from a mobile unit; instructions on accessing this will be sent with appointments.

Antenatal and Gynaecological ultrasound scanning is located on the first floor between wards F11 and F12.

There is also an x-ray unit within A & E, you will be directed to this by the A & E staff but it is just past the A & E reception desk on your left. Please do not enter the unit (risk of accidental exposure to x-rays) but ring the bell and leave any request forms in the box provided. Map of the Hospital


Members of the team



Dr J Barrett


Dr E R Darrah


Dr A Early

no bleep

Dr R Guirguis

(Lead Consultant)


Dr S Jovanoska


Dr MP MacFarlane


Dr C Ovejero


Dr P Sanchez De Medina Alba


Dr E Senior


Dr V Shenoy


Dr M Vouros


Dr Y Wu


To contact the Duty Radiologist, call 01284 713738, or bleep 936.

To contact any of the above by telephone call the radiology secretary on 01284 713376 and she’ll put you through.


Other Staff

 Nigel Beeton  Imaging Services Manager   713094
 Paula Heading  Deputy Imaging Services Manager         712561
 Ann Foulger  PACS/RIS/Admin Manager  712572
 Amanda Lewis  Performance Manager  712573
 Pauline Marriott  Superintendent Radiographer  712896
 Laura Crighton  Superintendent Radiographer  712896
 Samantha Melero  CT Superintendent  713780
 Martin Roper  CT Superintendent  713780
 Claire Moore  MR Superintendent  712890
 Joanne Rudd  GI Supt Radiographer  713327
 Michelle Roper  GI Supt Radiographer  713327
 Julie Ling  NM Superintendent  713379
 Beverley Wiseman    A&E Lead Radiographer  712359
 Ann Serjeant  Superintendent Sonographer  713259
 Jane Marling  Superintendent Sonographer  713259
 Ann Hills  Breast Imaging Superintendent  713769
 Sam Newton  Breast Imaging Superintendent  712586
 Janet Miller  Radiology Matron  713095
 Robert Brough  Radiology Technical Officer  713096


Once a medical professional forwards their request our Appointment Team will book you the next available examination slot with the appropriate doctor. Please contact 01284 713378 if you have any queries regarding this.

Walk-in clinic

Many GP patients requiring a routine x-ray will now be able to take advantage of our walk-in service. Your GP may have told you if you are eligible, please phone 01284 713378 with any queries.

The service is available MON to FRI – 9am to 4pm 

Patients attending outside these hours will not be x-rayed, please ensure you arrive early to avoid disappointment.


Patient Information


The hospital is not responsible for any lost or stolen valuables. Please leave all jewellery at home, including body piercing ornaments and rings if possible.  Wedding rings need not be removed.


X-Rays and Pregnancy

Please could patients and parents note that there is a risk to the unborn child from exposure to x-rays.

The Radiographer has a legal duty, before x-rays of the Lower Spine, Abdomen and Pelvis are carried out to ask any female patient between the ages of 12 and 54 years about the risk of them being pregnant.

Such discussions will be carried out professionally, in private and in confidence.

If the radiographer is male, patients may request that a female member of staff is present during such discussions.

Accompanying Children

It is not advisable to bring children when attending for your appointment as there are no child facilities available.  Children accompanying patients for imaging appointments must be able to remain unattended as legally staff cannot look after them.


The West Suffolk Hospital is a teaching Hospital and as part of their training it is necessary for students to observe examinations.  If you do not wish for an observer to be present please tell the receptionist on arrival.

Images may be used for research purposes as well as teaching.  Patients must let a member of staff know if they do not consent to this.

As part of a shared service agreement with other NHS organisations, your radiology images and records may be shared with these other organisations as part of determining and providing your care. If you would like to know more about the extent of this sharing, or you wish us not to share at all with another organisation, or have any other concerns about it, please contact a member of staff.

MRI - Safety

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, it is the combination of a powerful magnet and a sophisticated computer that allows the radiographer to take images of any body part without the use of X-Rays.

With your appointment letter you will have a safety questionnaire. It is very important that you fill this in before your appointment. If you have a PACEMAKER, COCHLEA IMPLANT, certain HEART VALVES, ANEURYSM clips and Shunts you will not be scanned. The MRI scanner is a powerful magnet and such metallic implants are not safe. Please contact the department on 01284 712891 if you have any of these.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding please ring the department 01284 712890 before your appointment.

Scans vary in time; some are as quick as 15 minutes and the more complicated scans may last up to 45 minutes.  If you are particularly worried/nervous about your scan it may be possible for someone to accompany you. They will also be in the magnetic field therefore it is important that they also remove all metal and complete the safety questionnaire. Please phone prior to your appointment if you require further advice. 


Please tell us about your experience after your appointment.  Email:

Or complete our online survey:

Obtaining a copy of your images

If you would like to further information on how to obtain a CD-ROM containing copies of your diagnostic images please contact Anita Bruce in the Medico Legal Department on 01284 713456 with the exception of Private Patients

Please note:

  • There may be an administration fee, this will be confirmed when you contact us. 
  • If someone other than yourself is collecting the disc they will require written permission and a form of photo ID.  We will not release patient records for your child if they are over the age of 16 without their prior consent. 
  • The disc will contain image and text data about you and your condition. Normally we would undertake to keep this data safe and secure under the Data Protection Act. We transfer this data into your keeping on the understanding that we cannot  be held responsible for the safekeeping of that data from this point forward.  The disc will not be encrypted.  You will be given a receipt that deems collection and payment have taken place.
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