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1737 - Critical Care Outreach Teams

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By critical care outreach services I am referring to a team based within the hospital who will respond when a patient begins to deteriorate, sometimes called rapid response or Acute Care team.

1.For each of the acute hospitals run by the trust please confirm:

a)  whether or not there is a critical outreach team/service in place; - Yes

b)  how many critical care beds the hospital has;   

Adult Critical Care have 11 beds

Neonatal have 1 Intensive Care cot and 3 High Dependency cots

Paediatrics has 2 High Dependency beds

c)  whether the critical care outreach service operates 24 hours seven days a week, 12 to 23 hours seven days a week, less than 12 hours seven days a week or weekends only; - 24/7

d)  how many whole time equivalents are in the establishment for the outreach service? – 7.47 Funded WTE

e)  whether there is a funded medical member of the team; - No

f)  how many professionals in the team who are not nurses or medics. - Zero

2.Has the number of staff involved in the team decreased in the past 12 months? - No

3.Are there currently any vacancies on the team that have been open for more than 3 months? - No

4.Has the amount of resource allocated to the team in 13-14 reduced compared with 12-13? If so by how much? - No


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